About Us

Our Vision

At Ytrail, we believe in a single view approach to real time data management of all available information sources. We believe that automation not only reduces the dependence on human and capital resources, it also improves accuracy. We believe that data analytics, profiling and real time reporting is only useful when these features are highly automated, easily customizable, quick to implement and deliver a high level of user empowerment.

Our belief, has led to the creation of an innovative solution, Ytrail dataWerks, that is designed to significantly lower total cost of operations as compared to legacy approaches. We offer all our customers a common core product with rich in feature-functionality and access to a fully funded roadmap.

Our product philosophy ensures that our customers enjoy the benefits of a living solution; one that evolves overtime and improves with innovation.


Company Profile

Founded by a diverse team of bankers, internet entrepreneurs, telecommunications engineers and database specialists, Ytrail has over 200 man years of experience in data management and analytics. Ytrail is committed to being the most innovative developer of data management and analysis systems.

Ytrail is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and services an expanding global customer base from offices in the United States, Germany and the UAE. Ytrail’s innovative software solutions are offered in conjunction with a full range of complementary professional services including consulting, systems integration, training and localized support services.

Ytrail has built a substantial capability to deliver premium quality projects globally and works with leading system integration organizations of our client’s choice, to deliver relevant and effective solutions.